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Rapper Performing


We are privileged to have talented musicians in our community and have seen the IMPACT and HEALING that music and arts can bring in the lives of individuals and societies.

With the proceeds of our previous engagement at the Stellenbosch Woordfees in 2020, we were able to support musicians whose livelihoods were affected by the Covid restriction shortly thereafter.


We have supported TALENTED and EMERGING musicians with access to musical instruments,

and we are excited about our MUSIC IN ACTION project that will kick off this year. Francois and Frieda (lead musicians from our community) have been involved for several years in a local project called Agri's Got Talent, where farm workers enter a type of "Idols" singing competition.

We have identified 4 participants from the previous year's top 10 in our area with whom some of our musicians in out community are going to walk a path, and they look forward to mentoring and supporting them as needed. We will be taking hand with their musical talents at our end year InConcert!

For financial contributions mark your donation with:  MUSIC ACTION

click HERE for information on how to contribute.

For more information on how to get involved, contact Francois.

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