HEART QUESTS aim to accompany individuals to 

connect to the DEEPER WISDOM that resides WITHIN

by stepping into nature, solitude and silence.

Theo Geyser (leader of InVia) as a director on the Heart Quest Foundation supports those from

local communities who aren't in the financial position to join a Heart Quest,

but strive towards self-help, self-awareness and self-empowerment. 


There are many social challenges in South Africa,

which often include gangsterism and trauma in early development,

but we have seen time and time again how such a HEART QUEST

can completely TRANSFORM an individual's life, no matter which circumstances they come from.

For financial contributions mark your donation with:  ACTION QUEST

click HERE for information on how to contribute.

For more information on how to get involved, contact Theo.

“Nature, too, supports our personal blossoming (if we have any quiet exposure to her) through her spontaneities, through her beauty, power, and mirroring, through her dazzling variety of species and habitats, and by way of the wind, Moon, Sun, stars, and galaxies.”

- Bill Plotkin